Zarvan is the language spoken by the zarva-species on Laktra, even though it has gained some different dialects. The reason why only one main language is spoken by the Zarva species is grounded in it's history; one tribe, calling themselves Kalva, became the strongest and gained complete control of the planet, until their common values fractured themselves, resulting in the current nations scattered around the planet.
The words still remain the same, but as the nations have sticked to themselves, the dialects have slowly gained larger differences.


  • Kola - is often said in an agreeing, answering, accepting tone.
  • Kolxa - is used opposite of kola, by forbidding something or as a negative response.
  • Ilka - is often said while pointing at one-self.
  • Ilkoy - is often said while pointing at the one the user is speaking to.
  • Konta - has been used in small questions like "ilkoy konta?", or in a hopeless tone as "ilka kolx-konta...".
  • Zarva - is the name of the intelligent species living on Laktra who made the language.
  • Uto - is said while pointing at a place, an object or anything that's not alive.
  • Nra - is said while pointing at the place the user is standing, then walking away from it.
  • Nar - is said while pointing at a place, then walking towards it.
  • Kolvon - is often said while wanting to do something.
  • Jokvon - is said for example while trying to help someone so the person doesn't fall down a cliff, if the one yells for "jokvau".
  • Jokvau - is said while speaking about "some jokvon", like a noun.
  • Ylka - is often said while pointing at one-self plus a group of other persons.
  • Nolto - is said when asking a question about how to do something.
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