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Xenon is a Terrestrial planet orbiting Oquanazon XI and is similar to earth.It is the 3rd planet from its star and the last planet in the inner system.Here is a pic:
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Xenon and its moons

Xenon marks the beginning of the Inner Belt and is home to Humans, who are terraforming Moa.They are intelligent enough to start having plans on terraforming Jovic Planets.

So far they actually have Hydrogen-Powered Fuel and a station on Byron that gathers the Hydrogen (also gathers Helium and Oxygen(for smoggy areas)).

Xenon has a unique climate and an average tempurature of 21.3*C, so that would put Xenon right in the lifezone of Oquanazon XI.Xenon was the 3rd planet to be formed (after Quano(2nd) and Byron(1st)) along with its largest sattelite, Moa, the other 3 sattelites are most likely captured asteroids.

Human Colonization

Humans colonized Xenon but destroyed an entire race doing so.They decided to name it New Revoluta as the majority of humans came from Revoluta , not earth.As the Zens had put in hydrogen fuel generators, a probe line, a half terraformed moon, Nepto and Nuno minerals, and data about Quano the humans did not have to do as much work.... But they don't understand Zenian.


Stuff _____Earth_____ Xenon
Iron 32.1% 31%
Oxygen 30.1% 25%
Silicon 15.1% 2%
Magnesium 13.9% 2%
Sulfur 2.9% 2%
Nickel 1.8% 6%
Calcium 1.5% 2%
Aluminium 1.4% 1%
Carbon 5.1%
Titanium 13.9%
Trace Elements 1.2% less than 0.1%


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