Earth-like planet

XK-291 is a main sequence star that's seventy-two thousand light-years away from the other side of our galaxy. It has a spectral class of K4V.


XK-291a: A planet that's 5% percent smaller than that of Mars. It has no form of life whatsoever.

XK-291b: The home planet of the Wuarroseo that's 20% percent larger than that of our Earth.

XK-291c: A planet that's the size of Jupiter.

XK-291d: Another planet that's also the size of Jupiter.

XK-291e: A planet that's the size of Neptune.


The Wuarroseo are a strange race of quadrupedal semi-humanoids. The humanoid half has four arms and hands, each of the four hands has digits of four as well as they have eyes of four as well, each of all their four eyes are tetrachromats in nature. The bottom half has four legs and feet, each of their feet has digits of four as well as they all are omnivores in nature.

Unlike the human beings, the Wuarroseo are hermaphrodites in nature.

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