Emerged from Kalva (36.7)
Followed by East Zarnok (44.4), The Yellow Empire (59.7 - 60.8) New Workers Union 87.9
End Workers Union collapsed on 60.8.

Workers Union was the first nation to declare independence from the Kalva tribe on Laktra, on 36.7. It was a very socialistic country. It allied The Nation of Equality on 36.9 in order to attack Traders Union, starting The Long War. Even though The Blue States was stronger than Workers Union, they were saved by The Kalva Nation, which placed sanctions on The Blue States, forbidding them to enter the mainlands of Workers Union. The Blue States gave up shortly afterwards, and Workers Union gained some of the territories near the border, but also lost some of it when two new nations were established, East Zarnok and West Zarnok. The three nations formed the alliance Eastern Socialist Nations from the start. And on 44.7, The Kalva Nation joined the alliance.
Workers Union recovered from the war quickly as it was supported by The Kalva Nation, and it developed slowly over the following time. However, new threats began to emerge with the plakno appearing in West Zarnok on 51.5, which spread to Workers Union on 54.7. The Free States had also formed from The Blue States, Indukryan and Freedom Island on 54.2.
The plakno became more and more serious, as in all nations that were introduced to the disease. The government gave up the administration of the eastern half of the nation on 59.2, but the capital was also seriously affected.
On 60.8, Workers Union collapsed because of the plakno and The Great War. It was recreated by the Hiiro-Ixra Administration as known to be 'New Workers Union'.

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