Emerged from
Workers Union (44.4)
Followed by None
End On 57.4, West Zarnok collapsed after the problem of plakno had reached a critical level.

West Zarnok on Laktra was formed on 44.4, when The Blue States gave up in The Long War. West Zarnok formed from Workers Union near the old Nation of Equality, some of the most destroyed lands on the planet. The nation was in chaos, and nearly every town and city was destroyed. West Zarnok was allied with Workers Union and East Zarnok from the independence, in Eastern Socialist Nations, and on 44.7, The Kalva Nation joined the alliance.


On 52.3, a family of 7 was found inside a house, everyone dead from plakno, a very dangerous disease previously only affecting animals. The case spread fear around the planet, and the government began to check the citizens in the area for symptoms, finding 20 on 52.4 and reaching 100 on 52.5. As a result, the other ESN-countries closed their borders to West Zarnok, while many people had already tried to flee from the country, some with success. The Starlake remained a problem, because it is very hard to control the borders on the enormous lake, which also shared border with Kykanta. However, that wasn't the biggest problem, since the disease spread to Workers Union on 54.7 and East Zarnok on 56.1, causing the Eastern Socialist Nations to initiate a research program to combat the disease, called the antiplakno program.

Collapse of West Zarnok

West Zarnok continued to suffer from the disease as the rate of infections and deaths grew exponentially, and on 57.4, where more than 400.000 had died from the disease across the planet (a large part of which were within West Zarnok), the government lost control of the country, especially since the capital had been hit extremely hard by the disease.
Following this, the ESN began to discuss what to do with the country.

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