Trixion is a main-sequence G3V yellow dwarf. Its diameter is 98 of the Earth's, and a mass of 299700 of Earth's.


50 million years before Trixion formed, a star called Canamariox exploded as a type 2 supernova. It released many elements outward as it transformed into a black hole.

A thousand years later, a nebula that looked like a gun formed. Its diameter was 11 lightyears. Slowly, it collapses into a protostar. Slowly, a protoplanetary disk forms.

A hundred million years later, a hundred planemos form. They collide together to form 4 planets and 14 dwarf planets.

200 million years later, the planets cool down into rock. Therefore, life flourishes on 3 of the planets: Taqqiif, Cietav and Jesaf.

Billions of Years later, Trixion will evolve into a red giant, destroying the innermost planet Nobog ,Taqqiif and turn Cietav into a desert. Jesaf will remain untouched until the planetary nebula scorches it.

After the planetary nebula has died out, life will have ceased completely. The burnt-out Cietav with only its core remaining and scorched Jesaf will orbit until a quadrillion years later, the system will detach.


  • Fief - a gas giant which perished much earlier by ramming into Trixion. Nobog - a Mercury sized planet 0.01 AU from Trixion. The surface is a hell of lava, eliminating all possibilities of life on it.
  • Taqqiif - an Earth sized planet 0.6 AU fron Trixion. It has an equatorial band of desert and polar oceans. It has life on it.
    • Ciep - a pea shaped moon. The Taqqiifians are terraforming it.
  • Cietav - a planet 3 times the size of Earth. It orbits Trixion at a distance of 1.1 AU. It is the ideal place for life.
    • Haesf - a barren moon the size of Mercury.
  • Jesaf - an icy world of diamonds ofbiting 3.3 AU from Trixion. It has an equatorial stream of water, permitting life there. However, there are lethal polar ammonia oceans which can kill.
    • Jesaf 1 - a flourishing world. It is the economical centre of the mother planet.
    • Jesaf 2 - a planet
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