Emerged from
Kalva (36.9)
Followed by Maukrat (39.5)
End On 44.5, The Yellow Federation incorporated it's occupied territories (Maukrat and Orangozia and formed The Yellow Empire.

The Yellow Federation, a former nation on Laktra, was formed on 36.9, being among the first nations to declare independence from Kalva, which had loose control over most of the planet at the moment.
At the time of formation, it was the fourth strongest nation, but it was less affected by nations declaring independence (the only example being Maukrat on 39.5), which resulted in the other countries dropping below it, first Autarkia, later The Blue States during The Long War, and at last The Kalva Nation on 43.1, where Skalra broke from it.
The Yellow Federation had already begun it's rapid expansion during that time, and there was no doubt it would have overtaken The Kalva Nation in strength however. On 42.2 it began the occupation of Maukrat, and on 43.2 it began occupying Orangozia after the big success in Maukrat.
The two territories were occupied until 44.5, where they formed The Yellow Empire together.

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