The Wyvern system consists of 3 planets, Vienna, Memphis, and Janet, 1 dwarf planet,Terrence, and 1 moon orbiting Vienna. (The moon does not have a name) The sun is named Wyvern. Only Vienna supports life. Memphis is the closest planet to Wyvern, it's temperature clocking in at approximately 200 degrees celsius. Janet, the farthest away from the sun, is a gas giant and is the oldest planet in the system. This solar system has existed for 4.1 billion years, with only 5.9 billion more years left until it's sun, Wyvern, burns out. 


Vienna is the only planet in the Wyvern system to sustain life. It is about 12,000 km in diameter, has plenty of oxygen for life, and has alot of water, alot like Earth. However, a day on Vienna is 25.5 earth hours, and the years on the planet are 472 days. The life forms on Vienna are quite small, only one being intelligent enough to have a language. This creature has not been named.


Memphis is a small planet, about 9000 kilometres in circumference, but the temperature can reach up to 480 degrees celsius. This planet has many volcanoes, the largest being around 2 km high. Memphis is the youngest of the planets in the Wyvern system, and is the closest to the sun.


Janet is the only gas giant in the solar system. It is 60,000 km in diameter, making it the largest planet in the solar system. Life could not be sustained on Janet, it being a gas giant. Janet is mostly made up of carbon dioxide, sulfur, and hydrogen. Janet is a very cold planet, the average temperature being -64 degrees celsius. Janet is also the oldest planet in the solar system, first forming around 1 million years after the sun started burning.


Terrence is the farthest object from the sun and is the only dwarf planet in the system. Terrence was originally classified as a comet, but astronomers found that it actually orbited the sun. Terrence is only 2000 km in diameter, and the surface temperature is about -112 degrees celsius.

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