National color Blue (000,000,255)
Emerged from The Free States/Hiiro-Ixra Administration.
Followed by The Free Social Democracy (96.1), The Nation of Order (97.9)
End The Second Free States still exists.

The Second Free States was created in 87.9 by the H.I.A. It was the first nation to be formed by H.I.A. and second nation to be formed, the first is New Kykanta. It is to be the same as its former country and have the same laws.

Around 96.1, riots began to happen in the Second Free States. The government allowed the rioting people near the Starlake form a new nation called The Free Social Democracy. They accepted, however, more riots began happening again.

The Hiiro-Ixra Administration began fearing attacks from The Second Free States, and as a result, closed their borders on 97.3. The Second Free States responded by closing its own borders and ending all cooperation with the H.I.A. The H.I.A. however opened borders again and apologized, also promising a greater cooperation in the future.

The Tripian-Zarva Union proposed an alliance on 97.5, called the Laktran Liberalist Alliance. The Second Free States joined, which sparked controversy among much of the leftist nations on Laktra.

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