Emerged from Kalva (36.6 - 37.5)
Followed by Kryan (37.8), Skalra (43.1), The Red Community
End The Kalva Nation collapsed some time after 64.9 because of the plakno pandemic.

The Kalva Nation is considered the first nation to emerge on Laktra, on 36.6 (or slowly from 36.6 to 37.5). Even though it wasn't different from Kalva in the start, it still became the direct successor of it and the only nation left on the planet which didn't directly declare independence from Kalva.
On the solar date 37.4, the government started Project Lightning, after low government activity within the government for some time. On 38.0, the government spoke to the people under The Red Speech. The government had become much more socialistic.
Some of the people didn't like that though, and Skalra broke free on 43.1. On 44.7, The Kalva Nation allied Workers Union, West Zarnok and East Zarnok, shortly after playing a major role in ending The Long War - in the socialistic countries' favor.
Skalra was attacked by Industrix on 47.6, and on 48.2 some of it surrendered back to The Kalva Nation again.
On 51.5, The Crash happened in Industrix, and because the nation denied other nations to get any information about what was going on, Kykanta attacked them on 52.5, with The Kalva Nation following on the next solar date, and The Yellow Empire on 52.8. The Kalva Nation occupied the place on 53.4 - one solar date too late.
The Kalva Nation was still able to retrieve alot of information though, but The Yellow Empire wasn't so happy about that, now that they were in fact much stronger than The Kalva Nation, and the plakno was threatening in West Zarnok.
They grew tired of waiting and declared war on the occupied territories of Industrix, including the crashing site, on 55.3. On 59.7, The Yellow Empire declared war on the rest of The Kalva Nation. See The Great War.

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