Emerged from Kalva (36.8)
Followed by Maukrat (39.5), The Green Community
End The Green Country collapsed some time after 64.9 because of the plakno pandemic.

The Green Country is a nation on Laktra which was independent from the solar date 36.8. It's government is focusing heavily on ecology and the environment, and is slightly socialistic. It initiated Project Photosynthesis on 37.3, and on 42.5 they were finished, resulting in the production of arpho-machines, producing photosynthesis artificially to reduce pollution. After The Yellow Federation had occupied the last resistance in Maukrat on 42.9, The Green Country decided to join the alliance with Pinkalikum and Autarkia, to ensure that they would be able to stop an invasion from The Yellow Federation. This resulted in diplomatic troubles with Purpelia and Eastautarkia however.

See The Great War for information about what happened after recorded history in The Green Country.

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