The Great War on Laktra began when The Yellow Empire attacked The Kalva Nation on 59.7. Soon, most other nations joined the war on either side.
In the beginning, The Yellow Empire made great advances from the northern parts of The Kalva Nation, which was heavily affected by plakno. Advances were also made in Workers Union, but the whole nation would soon collapse because of plakno, and The Yellow Empire had given up Workers Union already on 62.2.
At that time, The Yellow Empire was pushing a front down The Kalva Nation, reaching The Starlake on 63.4 and the capital itself around 64.0, while also making great advances from the occupied territories of old Industrix.
On 64.6, Pinkalikum had been taken by Purpelia and The Yellow Empire as well, but from that time the war on the eastern continent had become chaotic due to plakno. The Kalva Nation began to make great advances before it's capital was fully taken, but eventually the war died out. More soldiers died from plakno than from battle, and the nations began to collapse. What happened since 64.9 is completely unknown.

It is likely that most of the population on Laktra died out, except in the most thinly populated areas, after 64.9. Only five remote communities are known to have survived the disease:

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