This project is to find as many planets in the galaxy as possible. The Tripe is the founding species, and they set out to find other races capable of detecting even more planets. The participating races would then collaborate on the planetary orbits and share discoveries to help further technology and knowledge.

Participating Races

  • Tripe
  • Youkai - (96.8 - current)

Participating Telescopes

Instrument Method(s)
Northern Transit Expector transit
Affron Horizon Microlensing Telescope microlensing
Planet Finder radial velocity
HiRPTD transit
Norusa Space Telescope microlensing
Subera Extrasolar Finder radial velocity

Northern Transit Expector

The Northern Transit Expector has two methods of detecting planets. It can either take the light intake from the target star to detect for transits to find planets, or it can use Differential Temperature Imaging. DTI is used to find planets by imaging and taking the overall temperature, when the temperature rises the planet isn't in front of the star or behind it.

Full List

Below is the full list of planets discovered, and the orbital parameters that have been agreed on by the participating groups. Gray represents a planet that does not have an agreement on orbital parameters by one race, while yellow denotes a planet that two or more races do not agree on orbits. Red denotes a planet which one or more races/groups do not recognize.