Emerged from
Kalva (36.9)
Followed by Workers Union (37.6 - 44.4), East Zarnok (44.4), Kryan (44.4), Industrix (44.4)
End The Blue States became The Free States on 54.2, where Freedom Island and Indukryan became one united nation.

The Blue States was a nation on Laktra, which was independent from the Kalva tribe from the solar date 36.9. It was very liberalistic and supported Traders Union under The Long War. It's government was blamed for supporting Traders Union with military aid by Workers Union on 37.1. This partially resulted in the country joining The Long War on Traders Union's side on 37.6. It fought in the war until 44.4, where it gave up because of the sanctions placed by The Kalva Nation, making it impossible to enter a large part in Workers Union without being attacked by The Kalva Nation.
However, The Blue States was allowed to continue to exist, even though it lost some areas, especially when East Zarnok formed. But after some time with negative growth, it could begin to develop again starting slowly but accelerating after about the solar date 49.0, where it's nation strength was just over 4. It reached about 4,8 on 54.2, where Freedom Island and Indukryan joined The Blue States and formed The Free States, only five solar dates after they had made an alliance.

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