Sol is a G2V star in the midst of it's
Universe Sandbox - 20111202-162412 - 3174


Star Color

lifetime; it is home to Terra, the homeplanet of the human race.


The system has 8 planets and over 160 moons! Sol is the birthplace of all Terran life, and is refered to as "Mother Star" very often. The star is a tourist magnet due to it's history and influence in the past. Before the Aeridani Intergalactic War, it was located inside the Orion Arm. It is currently located on a sattelite galaxy orbiting the Milky Way, about 2,600 Ly from Hiiro. It is also located about 3 Ly from the Epsilona Revoluta system

Orbital Information
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Diameter (km) Standard Density Gravity Orbital Period Inclination Eccentricity SMA Parent


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