Farengeto Flag 3D
Emerged from
The Kalva Nation (43.1)
Followed by Kykanta (46.4), Nokanta (46.5), Industrix (47.6 - 48.5), The Kalva Nation (48.2)
End After Industrix declared war on 47.6, the western part of the country surrendered to The Kalva Nation when it got clear that they would lose, which they did on 48.5.

Skalra on Laktra was formed on 43.1, from the eastern regions in The Kalva Nation and the lands Kryan and Industrix had lost in the earlier war. On 47.6, Skalra was attacked by Industrix. The war lasted until 48.5, where the last part of Skalra gave up. A region in the western part, bordering The Kalva Nation, predicted that they would lose some time earlier, and surrendered to The Kalva Nation on 48.2. This got the rest of the country in an even harder situation, of course.

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