This is a ternary star system with two planets.

One planet is frozen and barren, known as SG-232-Z1, and the other is just right for life to survive, known as SG-232-Z2.

SG-232-Z1 has one moon and SG-232-Z2 has five moons.

Name Gravity Rotational Period Orbital Period Semi-Major Axis Diameter Tilt Bond Albedo Greenhouse Effect
SG-232-Z1 0.89 m/s² 12 hours 4.5 Million Years 400 AU 12,000 km 0° 90% 0
SG-232-Z2 12.8 m/s² 22.75 hours 700 Years 236 AU 9,000 km 23.45° 80% 1

Solar System SG-232-Z1Z2



Star Color

Star Color

Star Color

  1. HG-623-GI: A yellow main sequence star.
  2. HT-900-XS: A blue giant.
  3. HZ-222-SS: An red asteroid sized star.

Moons of SG-232-Z1

Full Article: Moons of SG-232-Z1

  1. RT-634-II (KM9-1ab)
  2. 66666-SG (KM9-1aa)

Moons of SG-232-Z2

Full Article: Moons of SG-232-Z2

  1. 52232-SG
  2. 83422-SG
  3. 85646-SG
  4. 43423-SG
  5. 52333-SG


  1. 4.5 bya: Solar System is formed.
  2. 1.5 bya: Cellular life begins to form on SG-232-Z2.
  3. 5.0 mya: Evolution occurs.
  4. 1.5 mya: Aliens form.
  5. 0.4 mya: Cities form.
  6. 5.0 tya: Empire forms.


Spheron is a complex empire. Their ANS is 24, and they are on a mission to find stars and planets.




Spheron Citizen


Amendment I. Citizens of the Spheron Empire must protect him- or herselves.


Spheronglish (S: Native, C: Beginner)

English (S: Native, C: Native)


S: Species

C: Creator (deoxy99)


Some explanations about the universe they say are:

English: "Atoms are particles with quarks, protons, neutrons, and electrons, all tightly held together by electromagnetism and the weak and strong forces."

Spheronglish: "Alfe aleb hilo niv quarks, protons, neutrons, k electrons, wot tla hil ha niv electromagnetism k te weak k strong folas."

Literal Translation: "Atoms are particles have quarks, protons, neutrons, and electrons, all tight held together have electromagnetism and the weak and strong forces."

Log Files of Spheron

Date Events
12-02-2099 Empire was formed
1-19-2100 Aliens discovered thirteen planets that are habitable
1-20-2100 Aliens discovered ten galaxies
1-21-2100 Mined 5 spice mines
12-30-2100 Upgraded mines and upgraded colonies
7-26-2101 Bought an unknown solar system
8-10-2101 Declared domination of 8 galaxies
1-06-2102 Declared domination of 90 more galaxies
7-29-2102 Declared domination of 800 more galaxies
9-20-2102 Declared domination of the Hieale territory
12-22-2102 Bought a super spaceship
1-01-2103 Destroyed 3 planets
1-02-2103 Declared to be kind
1-02-2103 Found HZ-222-SS asteroid sized star
1-03-2103 Star blows up, and Spherons use the Gravity Controller to push back at it and change the matter to hydrogen
1-04-2103 Spherons add colonies to SG-232-Z1
1-09-2103 Found KP-ZZ1-ASZ (codename: GREEN) green star, and an orbiting MP-23 (codename: MAGENTA) magenta planet
1-10-2103 The Spheron Militia has lost every unit
1-10-2103 The Spheron Empire Resurrection and Summoning Device (TSERS) is ready to Resurrect every dead unit
1-10-2103 Resurrection finished


New Roleplay

93.7: The Spheron Empire recieves an unknown message. They recieve "Qui êtes-vous? C'est la France, mais qui êtes-vous? Nous avons découvert aujourd'hui." It is in French, and from France. They don't know where this "France" is.

93.7: Mysteriously, a log prints randomly, but this time with Japanese. It says, "私たちはあなたが好きではない。", meaning "We do not like you."

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