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Resistane, as imaged by Janarien probe HoKSI. Three undiscovered minor moons are visible in the ring system.


Resistane is a very stormy waterworld orbiting Epsilona Revoluta, it's mass is similar to Venus. It also has a glorious ring system, Since it is a waterworld, it has no defined surface and thereforth, no need for maps. It is currently uncolonized but that will change soon enough thanks to a new law that the USAE is going to pass, stating that any citizen may colonize an un-colonized planet if the planet is in no plans to be colonized.

Universe Sandbox - 20111115-092020 - 6143


Planetary Info


Resistane Terra (Earth)
Water (72.3%) Iron (32.1%)
Iron (17.7%) Oxygen (30.1%)
Silicon (8.2%) Silicon (15.1%)
Titanium (0.6%) Magnesium (13.9%)
Carbon (0.2%) Sulfur (2.9%)
Trace Elements (1.0%) Nickel (1.8%)
Calcium (1.5%)
Aluminium (1.4%)
Trace Elements (1.2%)

Physical characteristics

Characteristics Resistane Terra (Earth)
Mass Earths 0.84 1.00
Standard Density 1.25 5.51
Escape Velocity (km/s) 8.3 11.2
Gravity 0.35 1.00
Diamiter 19720 12756
Flattening 0.0243895035 0.0033528
Day Length 13.6 24.0
Axial Tilt 37.9 23.5


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