Laktra World Communist Union, 97.7
Step 1 Done
Step 2 In progress

The Red Space Program was initiated by the LWCU on 97.7. The goal was originally to build the first alien-independent artificial satellite and place it in orbit around Laktra (later known as step 1).
The design of the satellite was finished on 98.2, which made it possible to begin the construction of the satellite and the design of the launching unit. The launching unit design was finished on 98.6, and the construction of it began as well. On 100.2, the construction was finished, and the satellite was launched. The satellite was named Vokkol Kopvay.

The satellite carried photon detectors, and the first mission of the satellite was to take improved images of the planet so that the planet could be mapped more accurately.

While the mapping continued on 101.8, the LWCU planned a new step (2) in the space program, which remained secret until the launch on 103.4; it was the first Laktran space station, Vokkol Kolkvay.

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