QU-ASII-A2 is a quasi-star formed by an early star dieing and turning into a black hole. The heat is compared to those of the Sun, but due to its giant mass of almost 2000 Suns, it gives off alot of light.

But before materials started going in the hole and heating it up, the heat was barely 99.0 C.

Due to it's heat, life does exist on a planet of this quasi-star, but due to the light, the life is/are only 7-cell bacteria particles.


Planets were formed while the star was not a black hole yet.

  • Unisana: A gas giant that perished earlier by getting sucked into the star when it turned into a quasi-star, causing the quasi-star itself to be the temp. of the Sun. A day is 0.1 hours on this planet.
  • Tanu:This planet gives helium to the star! It is 1 AU from the star and is 6 C. Life does exist on this planet. A day is 24 hours and 6 minutes on this planet.
  • Fwasiana: Another gas giant which is 2 AU from the star and is about -40 C. Due to atomsphereic pressure, life does not exist on this planet. A day is 48 hours and 12 minutes on this planet.
  • Asianan: A gas moon which orbits Fwasiana. It can be up to 2.0491 AU from the star.
  • Watiana: A hot planet which is 6000 C degrees. It is 23 AU from the star and would be -263.99 C if the planet wasn't hot.
  • Askianipa: A warm moon orbiting Watiana at a distance of 1 AU from the planet. Due to the heat of the planet, this DOES actually have life on it.

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