Emerged from
Kalva (37.3)
Followed by None
End Purpelia collapsed some time around 65.0 due to the plakno pandemic.

Purpelia is a liberal country on Laktra founded on the solar date 37.3, where it broke from the Kalva tribe, resulting partally in the last of the tribal Kalvan lands on the western continent being replaced by a new government.
It has always had some problems with it's smaller socialistic rival country, Pinkalikum, but they have always found diplomatic solutions instead of war.


The growth within Purpelia has remained stable over a very long period of time, slowly growing from a nation strength of 6.25 when it was formed, reaching 7 on 40.6, 8 on 43.4, 9 on 46.5, 10 on 49.0 and 11 on 51.4.

The Great War

See The Great War.

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