The Project Communist Defense Laser (PCDL) is a project created by the Hiiro-Ixra Administration on 97.5. It was to research new complicated weapons against the Communist nations on Laktra. On the same solar date, The Free Social Democracy also joined in against the New Workers Union and other communist nations. In 98.0, the H.I.A. allowed other non-communist countries to join in the test.

Laser Tests

On the first test, a laser beamed into a metal to be reflected and goes in a leaf. It burned the leaf in about ten seconds, so this was succeeded. They began testing more, but never changed, so the researchers began to change some particles around.

On the second test, it burned about 5 to 6 seconds. This was a lot of work, since the particles can be very dangerous. They began to equip them with more large sized gun, for testing purposes. They could actually burn through some objects, so this task was largely complete, but still needed some more speed.

Alas, the lasers had burned the leaf in about 3 seconds after some more testing.

A New Weapon Has Been Created

After some intial tests, it was announced that a version 1 laser gun is created for the first time in Laktran history. It can shoot through soft materials in ten seconds, since the test version was a shooter. The gun is still currently being tested before sending to other nations against the Communist threat.

On 98.4, the gun was sent to other non-Communist nations.

Response from other nations

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