Emerged from
Autarkia (38.7)
Followed by Kolnor (43.6), Autarkia (43.6), Eastautarkia (43.6), Pinkalikum (43.6), The Yellow Empire (44.5).
End The western half surrendered after fighting with The Yellow Federation from 43.2 to 43.6, and the eastern part remained occupied. They formed The Yellow Empire on 44.5.

Orangozia on Laktra declared independence from Autarkia on the solar date 38.7, triggering another smaller area of Autarkia south of it to choose to join Pinkalikum. Of course, these events were not taken friendly by the Autarkian government, and the initial diplomacy between the two countries has been dangerous, always with Orangozian diplomats trying to save the country from a war that it would not have any chance to win.
But time showed that Autarkia wasn't the biggest threat. On 43.2, The Yellow Federation invaded Orangozia, and the western half gave up the fight only four solar dates later. It was occupied until it became united with The Yellow Federation and Maukrat, forming The Yellow Empire on 44.5.

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