Oquanazon XI (OQXI) is an F8V star with 9 planets and about 127 moons!To the right is a pic of
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Picture of Oquanazon XI Universe Sandbox

it.Below is it's colour.
Star Color

Oquanazon has three asteroid belts The Inner, The Primary and The Outer. Between the Inner and Primary Belt is Byron (largest planet).

Table of Information

Relative? Oquanazon XI
Mass 1.23
Luminosity 2.08
Tempurature(Kelvin) 6718
Standard Density 1.43
Spectrum F8V (Late-F)
Diameter 1.48 Million Km
Planets 9
Habitable Planets 1
Jovic 5
Terrestrial 4


Planets(In order of increasing distance from the star).

  • Iote - a small rocky molten world extremely close to it's star.
    • Floroda - Iote's moon, very similar to Iote.
  • Quano - a gas dwarf smaller than earth.
    • Swala - a moon made of ash.
  • Xenon - an earth-like world in the habitable zone of OQXI.
    • Moa - a large moon of Xenon.
    • Three minor satellites - The name says it all.
      • Note: this is the end of the inner system. now entering, Inner Belt
  • Byron - a jovic planet 13 times the mass of jupiter(it cleared out the asteroids between inner and primary belts).
    • Xyn - a large moon of Byron larger than mars.
    • Quasi - a moon about the size of Titan and with an atmosphere
    • Zane - a moon slightly smaller than ours
    • another 60 or so
      • Note: this is the end of the "primary" system. now entering, Primary Belt
  • Zana - a stormy jovic planet
    • Oqua - a small moon orbiting Zana
  • Equ
  • aria - another gas dwarf at only 24,356 KM in Diameter
    • Equinian - is a volcanic moon orbiting Equaria
  • Xona - the furthsest out gas planet it has a mass of 12.4 earths
    • Oquon - largest moon of Xona
    • another 55 moons no-one cares about
  • Nepto and Nuno - binary ice planets these are counted "terrestrial"
    • Lekpab large moon of Nepto and Nuno


  • The Nebulae collapses and forms a protoplanetary disk forming a star(a star was BORN!)
  • Byron forms, taking out a large portion of the proto-planetary disk
  • Quano forms along with TWO moons one to soon become the rings of Quano
  • Xenon and Moa form
  • Iote forms from two pluto sized objects
  • Zina-floro looms dangerously close to Iote
  • Zina-floro hits Iote and forms floroda, however while doing so now neither planets can become "solid"
  • Outer gas planets form
  • Nepto and Nuno form between Quano and Iote, but are soon knocked into the outer system
  • Lekpab forms (from asteroids) around Nepto and Nuno
  • mars sized object migrates in from the outer system but only to soon become the Inner Belt of the system

Terrestrial Life

The Oquanazon XI system is home to 3.4 billion humans.

  • They live on Xenon

Other (Special Features etc.)

Oquanazon inner system looks like this:


Oquanazon XI Inner System

(Sizes not to Scale)

Oquanazon "primary" system looks like this:

"primary" system Nepta and Nuna's orbit is to eccentric to be shown


  • Humans take over ALL zens (massive Dinner party!)
  • 36.5 WMA52 contacts with a typical greeting and data.

Nearby Systems

systems within 20 light years(LY):

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