Emerged from Skalra (46.5)
Followed by Kykanta (49.7, 50.2, 50.3, 51.1, 51.4, 52.0)
End Nokanta sold it's lands to Kykanta from 49.7 to 51.4, and they merged on 52.0.

Nokanta on Laktra declared independence from Skalra on 46.5. The people wanted to gain freedom from the communist system in Skalra which was introduced when it was earlier a part of The Kalva Nation. Since Skalra didn't gain strong support from it's political friends in west, the movement was able to establish it's own state. Nokanta was larger than Kykanta in the start, but Kykanta began to buy lands from Nokanta, and in the end, Nokanta merged with Kykanta on 52.0.

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