National color Sky blue (000,255,255)
Emerged from Kykanta (87.8)
Followed by None
End Tripe-Zarva Union (Ixra c) (96.6)

New Kykanta formed after the Hiiro team and the Tripe species (though they were not associated with New Kykanta's renewed health) arrived on Laktra with medicine and vaccines on 87.8. After the survivors of some mostly dead villages in the old lands of Kykanta were cured, they began to rebuild a small community. From the beginning, it seemed like the people had not forgotten the values of the old state of Kykanta, and were dedicated to begin researching and inventing technology again, which their old civilization had always focused heavily on. The Kykanta-Tripian Village allied them, and contributed weather information, forming the Kykanta Weather Service (Ixra c). After great cooperation with the Kykanta-Tripian Nation (Ixra c), they merged on 96.6, and became known as Tripe-Zarva Union (Ixra c).

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