Nation strength is an universal unit of measure on the wiki.

It is applied to nations on planets, and consists of a number with two decimals. It ranges from 0,00 - where the nation doesn't exist at all, to infinite. To make it easy to apply and use without having to calculate for a long time, there is no specific formula for nation strength. It is determined mainly by the military of a nation, and the bonuses that apply to it. Those bonuses are better technology, better infrastructure, more land and other similar factors. Most nations will develop slowly, increasing their nation strength over time.


0,00 Think nothing.
0,10 Think a strong tribe of cavemen living some 10 or 20 thousand years ago on Earth.
0,50 Think a small nation some 2 000 years ago, with weapons equal to clubs.
1,50 Think the vikings about 1 000 years ago.
2,50 Think France about 1450.
5,00 Think England about 1800.
10,00 Think England about 1900.
25,00 Think USA 1945.


The nations will naturally grow as their technology and science slowly develops on the planet. A normal nation with a strength of 5 would probably develop something like 0,03 nation strength pr. solar date, but nations with more land (especially more land with un-used ressources) will develop faster, while nations recently spoiled by war or other problems will develop slower. Negative growth can also occur.

Under wars, the nations will drain the nation strength of each other as they invade each other's lands, but some nation strength will always be lost in the war. It's likely that the land will lose something like 10 - 25% of the nation strength during an invasion, due to it's infrastructure being destroyed. While the armies of two nations are fighting each other, they will annihilate each other. If two nations with a strength of for example 5 were fighting each other, without the territory changing, they could lose about 0,1 to 0,3 of their nation strength pr. solar date due to loss of military.

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