The Kykanta Translation Project was started on 92.4 because there was a need for translation between the Tripian language and the Zarva language.


  • 92.4 - Started by Iiant and various government officials in the Kykanta-Tripian Nation.
  • 93.5 - Iiant and Perintuvv try to communicate to some of the head Zarvas of the Kykanta-Tripian nation, saying "Tripe (pointing at selves) klopvau... Kykanta klopvau (using a gathering motion)".

In response, a Zarvan asks "Ylkoy klopvay knokvon?", showing the Tripe the following drawing:
Zarvan Language Card 2

  • 96.6 - The Tripe change their mind and show maps of only one nation.
  • 96.7 - The government of New Kykanta agrees to merge with the Kykanta-Tripian Nation, forming the Tripian-Zarva Union.

Translation Cards


The Zarvas try to teach their language to the Tripe by using cards with text on them, showing what some words mean.
Zarvan Language Card 1

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