The Kykanta Space Program was proposed around solar date 92.5, when the LM2 crew from Korr had started the new translation project. The project only truly began once LM3 brought most of the supplies needed for space aviation, on 93.5. The Youkais joined the project after they, the Tripe, and the Zarvas realized there was something serious going on.


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Log Files

  • 93.5 - Project start.
  • 93.6 - Youkais joins.
  • 96.0 - Proxvau Laktra revaled.
  • 96.6 - Proxvau Laktra launches, becoming the first succesful spacecraft ever developed on Laktra.
  • 97.3 - Program revealed to other nations on Laktra.
  • 97.3 - Proxvau Laktra II proposed and accepted by many of the members of the KSP.
  • 97.8 - Second Stellar Activity Mapper at Ixra (SAMI) proposed to watch for coronal mass ejections as well as provide a warning system to electronics in space.
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