Carnithus flag
Emerged from
Skalra (46.4)
Followed by New Kykanta (87.8), Kykanta-Tripian Village (87.8)
End Kykanta collapsed some time after 64.9 because of plakno.

On the solar date 46.4, Kykanta formed as a tiny nation from Skalra on Laktra. Their goal was to become a science state, that focused most of their power on advancing scientifically. From the day it was established it began a research project called Project Longcom, to research a possible way of sending information over large distances. As it's science advanced, their technology and industry advanced aswell, and Kykanta grew stronger and richer. They expanded by buying land from the neighbor countries, especially Nokanta, and in the end it bought out the whole nation, or what was left of it, on 52.0. Project Longcom was finished on the next solar date, and it worked by recording the voice of a person and then sending it to a receiver as radio waves, which could then record an answer to the message and send it back.
The government of Kykanta had always been very interested in technology, and had been lieing a great pressure on Industrix from 51.5, where a strange machine crashed down, followed by an evacuation of the whole city it crashed down in. Kykanta offered money in the start, but they gave up and declared war in their hunger for information on 52.5.
Kykanta wasn't involved in The Great War until 64.8, where it attacked The Yellow Empire's occupied areas of Industrix and the eastern Kalva Nation.

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