Drodoian Andromedian Colonies
National color
Navy blue (047,054,153)
Emerged from Kykanta / Star Nation (87.8)
Followed by Kykanta-Tripian Nation (90.8)
End The Kykanta-Tripian Village became the Kykanta-Tripian Nation on 90.8.

Kykanta-Tripian Village was created on 87.8, after the Tripe helped cure a village they found in Kykanta. The citizens are re-researching new technologies, and resetting up the new capitol: Kykantakorr. Because the Tripe left behind a piece of paper with weather diagrams and an image of their land with a low off the coast, combined new growth and technology created the first weather service on Laktra. The Laktra Weather Service is expecting to broadcast over radio technology nationwide. The Kykanta-Tripian village also allied with New Kykanta on 87.8, sending them valuable weather information, including possible flooding from the only low that was ever imaged on Laktra.

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