Deonar Sigil
Emerged from
The Kalva Nation (37.8)
Followed by The Kalva Nation (38.1 - 41.1), Indukryan Republic (46.8, 50.6), The Blue States (50.6), East Zarnok (50.6).
End Kryan still exists.

Kryan is a nation on Laktra, which declared independence from The Kalva Nation on 37.8. From it's independence it was allied with Industrix. Industrix broke the alliance when The Kalva Nation declared war on Kryan on 38.1 however, but it was re-established on 39.4, where Industrix joined the war on Kryan's side. The war ended on 41.1, where The Kalva Nation accepted Kryan's and Industrix's defeat. The two countries were allowed to continue to exist, but received trading sanctions from The Kalva Nation, which forbade them to trade with The Blue States.

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