Emerged from Early tribes
Followed by The Kalva Nation (36.6 - 37.5), Workers Union (36.7), The Nation of Equality (36.8), Traders Union (36.8), The Green Country (36.8), The Blue States (36.9), The Yellow Federation (36.9), Autarkia (37.0), Purpelia (37.3), Pinkalikum (37.3), Independent Islands (37.4), Industrix (37.5)
End On 37.5, where Industrix declared independence as the last nation. The Kalva Nation never declared independence, but adopted many of the values from Kalva, however.

Kalva was an old tribe on Laktra, existing some time before 36.7. It became the strongest tribe on the planet, and had spread common values, like a common language, across the planet. The life within the tribe was mainly peaceful, but the tribe was very hostile towards everyone else. On 36.7, where it had spread across the most of the planet, however, it began to fracture, and nations began to emerge with their own values. Most of the establishments went peacefully, but some wars emerged, especially in the start with The Long War.
The direct successor of the Kalva tribe is The Kalva Nation, which was the only nation which did never declare independence from the tribe, but rather changed over the period from 36.6 to 37.5.

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