Navstar 1

KM12 was launched on , and it's goal is the asteroid 12AR.


Silver spectrum - Silver has been detected in the asteroid. A needed metal on Korr.


These are kept by Guri and Fieill

  • 67.0 - just 1 hour from close approach, 13 hours from second approach, 17 hours from final orbit.
  • 67.0 - Scheduled maintenance check passed. (Don't want to end up like KM9...) These checks were implamented in KM11 and after, so we are lucky here. If the slightest thing goes wrong, we are to land and/or fix the problem and head back as soon as possible.
  • 63.1 - Reanalyzing data for confirmation, data will be sent by 63.2.
  • 63.5 - We are going through so many checks we can't process the data... Sigh.