KAAJT is a Blue main sequence star with an average surface tempurature of 33677 degrees Celcius. It was created by a Moxihixirexximixidroxilixijixikixihexi from the supernova remnants of KAAJold-E, which was sent off by the same creature. It sustains 11 planets which were created from asteroids pulled together by powerful remnants of the supernova, which became their cores, and the remaining material became KAAJT-5.

Solar System

Numerical Name Gravity (Earth=1) Terrascore Moons
KAAJT-5a Harmek 2 1 2
KAAJT-5b Irlsimore 1 1 0
KAAJT-5c Vasserfell 3.3 3.7 0
KAAJT-5e Zouohgag 2.4 2.5 6
KAAJT-5f Sikkah 8.885 2 446
KAAJT-5g Orgrimm 3.141 2 32
KAAJT-5h Suyu 7.5 1.4 204
KAAJT-5i Ohhira 6.5 2.7 67
KAAJT-5j Karmo 7 1 81
KAAJT-5k Ligure 1.112 2.2 233
KAAJT-5l Senniure 3.1 2 13


The first two planets, Harmek and Irlsimore sustain no life whatsoever. They are barren deserts. Vasserfell is in most areas an environment similar to Mercury, but there is one strip of forest upon which luscious vegetation thrives, and many types of harmless but powerful herbivores are known to live there. If they stray too far from the plants, the oxygen field will end and they would die.

Zouohgag is the first planet to support intellegent life from its star. It is the home of the Zouohgagians, a species of viscious, tribal creatures. Despite their appearance and culture, they have developed huge amounts of high-level technology, including the ability to travel through space to Vasserfell, Sikkah and Orgrimm, and have developed the Taaplis, a large octagonal room with a plasmic temporal rotor drawn through the centre, leading to an engine to travel through space. The technology for these is still in progress; new models can travel further into space. A recent development was the feature of time travel within 100, 000 years of the point from which the machine has originated. You would think they have invented powerful weapons, but that is hardly needed as their biology allows them to kill with plasma from their hands.

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