Warp Gate

A Class 1A Warp Gate

The Interstellar Gates that existed within the confines of Slarth's atmosphere were used vastly by the Druyahm for advancing their understanding of the rest of the solar system. These portals opened in several locations, but lasted only for thirteen hours.

Within these strange portals, several Druyahm lost their lives due to the lack of knowledge as to where the portals would take them. The current Elder Council ruled against using these strange and unknown openings. Regardless, several individuals still used them. This insubordination was officially directed as "The Great Calling" from which those that chose to enter would hopefully find a higher calling upon reaching the other side.


The Elder Council formally issued a statement strongly disapproving of using these gates after receiving several reports of their citizens not returning home. The whereabouts of these missing civilians is still unsolved, so the issuing of a "Direct Statement of Cause" is called to completely stop all access of "Gate Jumping".

Passive Remarks

The Elder Council of Druyahm formally accepted the existence of these strange devices called "Gates", but were greatly unsure of why they appeared around Slarth, or where they ultimately led to on the other side. Several months were spent inspecting and analyzing the strange objects to learn more about them. In 2213, a scientists by the name Keller discovered that the Gates lead to distant locations across the entire galaxy. And reaching them was as simple as passing through them. During a test three days after this discovery, disaster struck as the subject sent in never made it back to the other side. All that was assumed was that the subject's body disintegrated upon entering and passing through the Gate.

Twelve years later, in the year 2225, another scientist by the name Teraltor discovered that the Gates emitted a strange pulse of energy that seemed to react to the cells inside the Druyahm's bodies, resulting in sudden disintegration. With this fact now present, the Elder Council banned any and all passage through the Warp Gates completely. It was a statement to protect the population from destruction.

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