AWA Flag
Emerged from
Kalva (37.5)
Followed by Kryan (41.1), Kykanta (53.9)
End Surrendered to Kykanta on 53.9.

Industrix is a nation on Laktra, and was the last nation to declare independence from the Kalva tribe on 37.5. From it's formation it faced some diplomatic problems with The Green Country, because of it's highly pollutive industry. On 37.8, it allied Kryan, another liberalistic country at it's western border which declared independence on the same solar date. It broke the alliance shortly after, on 38.1, where The Kalva Nation declared war on Kryan, but their alliance was re-etablished on 39.4 where Industrix joined the war on Kryan's side. Industrix gave up with Kryan on 41.1, where they were allowed to continue to exist by accepting trading sanctions from The Kalva Nation against The Blue States. Their borders were changed and Kryan gained some of Industrix's lands, with pressure from The Green Country. On 47.6, Industrix started an invasion against Skalra. The invasion was braked on 47.7 by the defenses in Skalra, but the Skalran defenses were outnumbered during the following solar dates, and on 48.5 the last part of Skalra gave up and joined Industrix.
On 51.5, a strange machine crashed down in a city in Industrix. It became known as The Crash, and proved to be a crashing probe from the star KM-56 where the Tripe are from. It caused big problems, because Industrix had evacuated the whole city and all the other nations wanted to know what was going on. They began to threaten Industrix, growing more and more aggressive.
In the end, Kykanta declared war on Industrix on 52.5. The Kalva Nation followed and declared war on the next solar date, while The Yellow Empire declared war on 52.8. They rushed towards the crashing site, but The Kalva Nation was the first to reach it on 53.4 - shortly after the Tripe has launched it's spacecraft and left the planet on the previous solar date. The Yellow Empire had gained full control of the capital on 53.8, but was disappointed with the fact that they didn't get the crashing site, while Kykanta gained a lot of land, it's government was clearly also disappointed.
Industrix gave up on 53.9 and joined Kykanta, while the southern island had been attacked by The Kalva Nation and surrendered to join The Kalva Nation on 53.8.

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