Emerged from
Kryan (46.8)
Followed by Kykanta (48.9, 51.2)
End Indukryan became a part of The Free States when it was founded on 54.2, along with The Blue States and Freedom Island.

Indukryan on Laktra gained independence from Kryan on 46.8. A war broke out between them on 51.6, where Kryan declared war. Indukryan was forced back in the start, but after The Crash, Industrix was invaded and the northern half surrendered to Indukryan on 53.1, giving it full support in the war and eventually turning the battle in Indukryan's favor as time passed. Kryan cleverly gave up on 53.3, and Indukryan could continue to exist. It became a part of an alliance with The Blue States and Freedom Island on 53.7, and on 54.2 they formed The Free States.

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