Polar Insignia
Emerged from
Kalva (37.4)
Followed by Freedom Island (45.2), The Yellow Empire (44.8 - 45.2)
End On 45.2, The Yellow Empire had taken the western island's coastline and the mainland gave up. The eastern island and the old capital of Traders Union continued as Freedom Island.

Independent Islands, a nation on Laktra, was formed when the two large northern islands united from Kalva on the solar date 37.4. It had a liberalistic government. On 40.1, when the capital of Traders Union was surrounded by forces from Workers Union in The Long War, the area surrendered to Independent Islands.
On 44.8, The Yellow Empire invaded the western island, and on 45.2, when all of the coastline had been taken, Independent Islands gave up. The Yellow Empire got the island, and Independent Islands became Freedom Island, which was the original name of the eastern island.

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