Before you create your system, you need to have a page that will contain all the data and happenings in your system. First, create a page which has the name of your system in English. The page's title is what everyone will call your system outside of roleplay. In roleplay, every race will probably have a different name for it, including yours, so choose wisely.

Now, we need to organize the content that will be on your page. if in soruce mode, Add Level 2 headlines (==texthere==) for:

  • System
  • History
  • Log Files
  • Roleplay

Under the "System" headline, add a list of planets.

  • If in source mode, before your planet names, use a "*". Before their moons, if you choose to list them, put a "**"
  • If not in source mode, click the "Insert/remove Bulleted List" button and type in the planet name, For a moon, click on the "Increase Indent" button then click the "Insert/remove Bulleted List" button and type in the moon name.

If you want to create pages on these planets or moons, there is a naming convention on this wikia. Consult an administrator if you don't understand it. Add to the history section. Put what your empire did throughout history, it doesn't matter if you come up with it right now, or if you only put what actually happens.

The Roleplay section is for roleplaying. In this section, people can contact your system with radio contact, or they can fly a probe in, and contact you.

You've learned the basics of what you need to know for making a system on the Solar System Creator Wiki.

Get out there and explore.

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