Geris is a smaller moon but with equal significance and importance to forming the system in detail. Geris, deemed by the Elder Council, was known as "The Eclipsed" because it was always in the appearance of being in an eclipse. Geris is actually made of composite materials and remnants from the other moons that it pulled together to form its shape.


In the year 2145, Geris became a huge discussion topic between the civilized people an that of the Elder Council. Because Geris was constantly eclipsed, it absorbed an enormous amount of solar power that could be used as additional power to what they already had. However, the Elder Council wished to use Geris as a "shield" from the powerful rays of their three suns. The primary defense for Slarth was the three moons: Geris, Colas, and Steris. These three moons were then called "The Triangle Moons" because their positions around Slarth form a large triangle.

Geris possess strange qualities that none of the other moons seem to have with them. One notable feature is that Geris' atmosphere is comprised entirely of dense, green clouds. These clouds are extremely acidic and poisonous. Giant lightning storms strike the surface on an almost daily basis. Geris is one of the most dangerous and uninhabitable moons revolving around Slarth.

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