Master, I detected a Star, two even. It looks like a Star Behind Star system.

GigaNova to Atomic7732

Long ago, when a Hypernova exploded, this system was created. After a few billion years, the planets started to form, but not in a good way. Because of a bypassing star (0.20 Solar Masses) with the name CH-10-190, the system formed in a strange way, and it ended in this non-natural system. In 2005, this system was discovered. It's 500 light years away from the center of the galaxy.



  • CH-10-190fromSelceo2

    CH-10-190 from the view of Selceo 2

    Selceo 1


  • Vido moon of Selceo 3


End Scenario

Finally, the second sun passes and bursting into a Supernova turning the other star (the main star) into a supernova to, creating a hypernova, destroying everything in its path.

Deadly gamma rays burst into space, 400 light years in length. This system is dead, and nothing but dust is found.


00.1: there's nothing left here, we go, now!

62.9: KM11 makes maneuver toward KM11-B. (GS19-UA81-2201 c)

63.5: KM11 is in orbit around primary target... "Shuishiano, zevib... Enneakaam?" the Tripe send out that transmission.

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