Before you can make a solar system, read these guidelines and details.


You can make life forms, and roleplay in other people's systems.


  1. Probes that your empire made must take a reasonable time to get somewhere. Most should take about 2:3 ratio of light years to solar days. Hence, if the distance is 20 light years, it takes about 30 solar days to cover that distance.
  2. Make a page for your empire.
  3. Explore. Most importantly, have fun.
  4. Please categorize your pages.
  5. In roleplay, two different empires do not know each other's language at first, but after lots of research, they can know each other's language. To make it more realistic, you can choose not to add a dictionary, but it is ideal to add one once other empires have figured out what a word means, so you can put it in a dictionary for later reference.
  6. It's strongly recommended to not make more than 10 solar systems. You can, although they will be hard to manage, but you are your administrator of your systems. If you need something deleted, ask an administrator.
  7. Messages broadcast from system to system go at the speed of light, which is defined as "as quick as your internet connection works, and that means if it'll take one millisecond, so be it."


Now you're ready to make your own solar system.

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