Emerged from
Kalva (37.0)
Followed by Pinkalikum (38.7), Orangozia (38.7), Kolnor (39.2), Eastautarkia (40.3)
End Autarkia collapsed some time after 64.9 due to the plakno pandemic.

Autarkia is a nation on Laktra which bases it's politics largely on self-sufficience, from the solar date 37.0 where it declared independence from the Kalva tribe. Their nation is militaristic, even though it has never engaged in a war, and is also very socialistic. In the start, it was one of the largest nations on the planet, but large areas within the country declared independence later, Orangozia as the first on 38.7, but later also Kolnor on 39.2 and Eastautarkia on 40.3.

The Great War

See The Great War

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