Parent project None, 56.1.
Children projects Plakmap (56.7).
Finished Not yet.

The Antiplakno Program was initiated on the solar date 56.1 by the Eastern Socialist Nations in order to combat the terrible disease of plakno. It was started after the disease had also spread to East Zarnok, but it was already present in Workers Union and in West Zarnok, where it started on 52.3.
On 56.8, the Plakmap-project was started, with the goal of mapping the intensity of the disease from the data collected.
On 57.9, the ESN decided to open the project and Plakmap to the rest of the nations on the planet, and they all joined quickly.
The scientists worked hard and under increasing pressure to develop a cure for the disease, and on 59.6 they had developed some medicine called Plakolxa, which could kill the parasites within the body and give a chance to survive the disease. The nations began to mass produce the medicine immediately as it was finished.

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