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The Anti-Fascist Defense Program (AFDP) is a research program initiated by the Laktra World Communist Union, to protect its member states against nations it considers to be "Fascist". It is a response to the Tripian and Hiironese weapon transfer to The Second Free States, which is considered an attempt by aliens to colonize the planet. The program was initiated on 97.5.


There was massive evidence in justification of the program:

Evidence 201104031842

Massive evidence.


On 97.7, the program had already yielded results which made it possible to begin the production of many guns working similarly to those used by the Hiiro-Ixra Administration. The research was now directed mostly towards artillery and the development of laser weapons. The development of lasers is also going well, and lasers have been tested with a strength of up to 3 MJ within a second.

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