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Blue giant star by delep001-d4nd98q

Alpha Fornacis is a relatively young main-sequence star of spectral type A7VI, having around 1.5M☉ and 1.09R☉, and is roughly 8150°K (8423°C) in temperature, being noticeable hotter than the Sun. It has a large belt of asteroids orbiting it, extending from roughly 0.8AU to 15 AU. It has a variety of asteroids orbiting it due to the differences in its protoplanetary disk about 400 million years ago.

Notable objects in the Alpha Fornacis system [WIP]

Name Distance from parent[note 1] Mass Radius[note 2] Core Composition Crust/Mantle Composition Atmospheric Composition Rotational Period Type
Alpha Fornacis 0 AU (0 km) 2.9828*1030 765,201 km H2, He H2, He H2, He, H2S 45.0 days Star
Fer 3.2 AU 1.2214*1021 362 km Fe, FeNi Fe, H2O, Silicates, H2S H2S 3.35 hours Dwarf planet
S/Ff 1 11378 km 3.1058*1020 153 km Fe Fe, Silicates None 3.35 hours Sattelite
  1. Parent refers to what the object is orbiting: for planets and minor planets, this refers to the star; for satellites, this refers to the planet/minor planet said satellite is orbiting.
  2. To achieve diameter, multiply Radius by 2.
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