well congrats you've changed your ways pretty quickly (unlike some other people).

why dont yoo

set up a city

When you have a city you get a special table that shows your stats:

monday tuesday wensday thursday friday saturday
happieness 9/10
polution 1/5
luxurie 9/10

today is monday based on your choices so far ive made a grid

of how happy poluted and luxurie filled your city is.

your happyness and luxurie is based on how much polution your city is

polution is generated by bad for the enviroment choices in the game

so far youve made 2 but i cut you some slack for now. your thinking

but i only made one! well your wrong making a city is bad for the

enviroment ha you have to make at least one.( :

but your next choice i wont warn you

gaining it back

so you want to know how to gain it back eh? i'd love to say you cant

but that would be lying,and i wont lie.after every choice theres a

"clean up the city" button that takes you to the same but altered

page. one per a turn.


Decicions, decicins, deccions

so you've made it this far, whats the choice:

clean up the city

or i recomend