50WRz is a K4V orange dwarf star with 3 planets and 4 moons.


Planet Habitable? Sma (distance from star) Year (Earth Days) Day Length Satellites Rings Radius Axial Tilt Temperature Atmosphere
Borealis No 0.4 AU 50 38 hrs 1 5 21473 km 20 300F
*N 94%
  • O 1%
  • CO² 5%
Canis Yes 0.7 AU 250 24 hrs 2 3 17683 km 180 50F
*N 1%
  • O *50%
  • CO² 5%
  • He 44%
Entro No, Gas Giant 7.35 AU 8yrs 78 hrs 1 90 ~50000 km 90 -80 F
*H 50%
  • He 50%


Lupi are wolf-like creatures, who live on the planet Canis. They send probes, which are called PLF (possible life finder), to find any other possible life. The probe PLF15 had encountered signals of life on KM-56. They are not aggressive unless threatened by other creatures.

Lupi Log Files

  • 10: encountered signal from KM-56
  • 23.4: Send manned mission to KM-56

Nearby Systems

AUH8c 15 light-years away
KM-56 20.1 light-years away
Ixra 29.8 light-years away


-The probe is angled correctly for aerocapture.
-Probe is captured.
-Thrusters off
-Probe landing on Planet Canis
"Greetings, we come in peace!" Tripe Neutron Star 02:31, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

-You sure? because your outnumbered!!!!! Lupi Northern wolf

  • "Again, we are not here to fight. We come in peace. We see life. We come." Tripe Neutron Star 02:43, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

-Well of course You are welcome to stay if you wish User:Northern wolf

  • "We stay few months? That okay with you? We learn about you, us you learn about too." the leader had said. He went into his ship and reported back to the home planet,"We made it! Repeat, we made it, our mission sucssesful!", the home planet reported back... "we have a probe trying to land over here..." Neutron Star 02:52, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

((Go to my system for that probe over there)) This solar system is inhabited by the Lupi Empire, hostile visitors are not welcome.

- JGWM sends a manned probe to Canis . "Greetings from JGWM. We come in peace." The manned probe sends a series of seemingly random numbers and letters that give the location of JGWM. On the way it encounters Lupus.

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